Flexible door cover production line
Flexible door cover production line
Flexible door cover production line

The flexible door cover production line can realize flexible switching production of a variety of models. Using Xiaoao's own core technology, patented products (robot hydraulic hemming, robotic flying hemming system, hydraulic hemming machine system) and automation integration capabilities, provide a complete solution to complete the welding, gluing, hemming and other forming work of body door cover parts .


  Product description: The robot hydraulic piping system
realizes pressure self-adjustment through patented technology, which better guarantees the product forming quality and the service life of each rigid component.
  Product description: Robot hemming system The
robot hemming system can be subdivided into fixed hemming and flying hemming;
fixed hemming: the hydraulic hemming component is carried by the robot, and the tire film and workpiece are fixed for hemming.
Flying hemming: The fetal membrane and workpiece are carried by the robot, and the hydraulic hemming equipment is fixed for air hemming.
It has the characteristics of high flexibility, low investment and maintenance costs, and small operating area.

  Product description:
special hemming machine The special hemming machine for door cover is designed to integrate the equipment and hemming module, and it is mainly composed of three parts: the host, the hydraulic pump station and the programmable controller.
The special hemming machine can achieve high production efficiency, a single piece of equipment occupies a small area, and the production can be in line with other production lines in the workshop to achieve synchronized production.


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